The Travel Trio: a giveaway!

London Skies__by Clare Devine

In my last post I shared news about Clare Devine’s stunning new mini-collection of sock patterns, The Travel Trio.  I’m still ridiculously excited about the London Skies socks, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be casting on for a pair this weekend.  I’m heading on a roadtrip, so the timing is perfect.  As much as I’d love a pair for myself, I know that The Amazing Molly would really appreciate a pair, so I’m trying not to be too selfish!  I’m currently torn between using the original London Skies, or the Dabbling Duck colourway.  Tough call, but I don’t have long to decide.

The Knitalong for Clare’s travel-inspired socks starts tomorrow, and you can join in with all the chat over in the Knit Share Love Ravelry group.

Grellow Love__by Clare Devine

If you haven’t yet got your hands on a copy of the patterns, then here’s your chance:  I’ve got one copy of The Travel Trio collection to give away.  Whoop!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me about a knitting-related souvenir that you’ve picked up on your travels.  You can comment either on this blog post or in the Travelknitter Ravelry group thread.
  2. Only one entry per person (no double dipping!)
  3. Competition closes Monday 20th June 8PM British Summer Time.

Good luck!



Thank you so much to everyone who entered here and over in the Ravelry Travelknitter group.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s stories of travels and yarny adventures.

Thanks to the magic of the random number generator, the winner of a copy of The Travel Trio is Debbie (muirandco on Ravelry).   Congratulations Debbie – a copy of the ebook will be making its way to you.

Happy travelknitting!




9 thoughts on “The Travel Trio: a giveaway!

  1. My knitting souvenir is from when I first went back to Edinburgh after about 10 years and my excitement about visiting all the yarn shops the city had to offer, I needed sock yarn as I was determined socks were going to be knitted I was going to have a hand knitted pair for every day of the week. I visited k1 yarns in the Old Town (online only now I think) and bought the first of many skeins of sock yarn a gorgeous plum colour called Gothic.

    This skein was the first of many skeins of sock yarn bought that afternoon as I travelled round the yarn shops in Edinburgh and still remains in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern to match the colour but I am pleased to say I have knitted some socks.


  2. I’m a new knitter, brought to knitting through illness… As such I haven’t had much chance to hunt down many knitting souvenirs just yet, however my mother recently delivered all of my late grandmothers needles to me and they are my most treasured knitting ‘souvenir’. I have buckets of DPNs and these socks would be perfect project to use them on by the looks of it!


  3. My most recent knitting souvenir was a skein of Malabrigo Rios – such a gorgeous blue.

    Hopefully I’ll have a chance to pick up a few more in my travels later this year.


  4. My favorite knitting souvenirs of all time are the skeins of yarn I got on my trip to Buenos Aires almost 10 years ago. Buenos Aires itself was gorgeous, the food was incredible, and the people were warm, welcoming, and funny. But my favorite experience there was visiting the “yarn district.” I am not sure if this is still the case, but when I visited back in 2006 there was a stretch of Ave. Scalabrini Ortiz that was blessed with one yarn/fiber shop after another. It was a knitter’s dream! On one of my last days in town I wandered to the yarn shops and experienced something akin to a runner’s high. I am sure I looked intoxicated with glee to the very helpful and accommodating workers–I was thrilled. I wanted to touch and squeeze everything! I still have items knit with yarn from that haul that I love even though I’ve worn them almost to shreds–some no longer fit. But I keep them because they remind me of one of my favorite vacations ever.


  5. I found some lovely yarn shops when I went to Bergen, Norway. But since I’m a fan of Ibsen’s work, I was especially chuffed to find a line called Peer Gynt. I bought three balls in two shades of grey and a mustard yellow and knitted up some lovely mittens as a reminder of the trip.


  6. My knitting souvenir was from my one and only overseas trip. I went to the UK and Europe and whilst in Amsterdam picked up 2 packets of Dutch mini skeins. I plan to use them in a pair of socks 😉


  7. When in Finland a few years ago I went into a LYS. I asked them what was local and was told nothing, and that I wouldn’t find any yarn from Finland. In a tourism shop I went onto find a hank of Sheepy Finnish yarn. I don’t know what sheep it’s from, but the yarn fumes … mmmm. I haven’t yet chosen a project for this yarn, but I take it out from time to time to pet it. I’m glad I went into the tourist shop, it’s the sort of place I’d normally steer away from. That yarn was obviously meant for me.


  8. When I traveled to Buenos Aires I found in a yarn store some beautiful handmade wooden crochet hooks in big sizes. Of course could not resist and bought them all!


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