a very quick visit to Unravel

This weekend I had probably the world’s quickest visit to a yarn show.

Unravel postcard

I set off on Friday for my first ever trip to Unravel.  I had plans of spending the afternoon pootling around, looking at all the woolly gorgeousness, chatting to designers and yarnies, taking lots of photos, and just having a lovely time.  Well, I did most of those things, but just at a super-quick pace.

For those not familiar with Unravel, it’s in Farnham, Surrey.  It’s on the opposite side of London to where I live, so with a few train changes, it should be no more than two hours door to door.  However on Friday there was a horrendous accident on the train line out of London, so it ended up taking me a whole four hours to get there.  I could just about get to Scotland in that time!  After being stranded on various train platforms, I was this close to going home, but hey, I’d already bought my ticket and I knew I wouldn’t get another chance this weekend.

Unravel starts on the Friday afternoon, so with the unexpected travel delays, it was rather late by the time I arrived, and so I eked out every last minute until closing time.

My first priority of course was to head over to the Yarn in the City stall to snaffle my copy of the London Craft Guide.

London Craft Guide

One copy very happily purchased.


Socks! And yarn!

Look! My yarn! Now socks!

I then did a speedy lap around the venue.  There are a number of different rooms, of which I’m pretty sure I missed one.

(Helpful tip #1:  be sure to pick up a venue map and make sure you get to see it all).

Everyone I did meet was really lovely, and I managed a quick chat with several vendors I’d been dying to meet.

(Helpful tip #2: yarn shows are always quietest in the last hour.  It’s the best time to speak to vendors once the crowds have dispersed).

I’m afraid I have very little else to report on, but I’ll leave you with this image of these two chaps hanging out on the stairwell.  They made me smile.

Knitted pigeons




4 thoughts on “a very quick visit to Unravel

  1. Ooh how frustrated you must have been at missing out on time at the show……. I’m currently keeping a list of shops to visit on a trip to London (a rarity for me) – I think I might need this book! Shall put it on my birthday list. And I love those knitted birds!


    • It was a rare chance to go to a show as a customer rather than stallholder, so I enjoyed the time I had! I highly recommend a London yarn crawl when you’re next in the big smoke. Let me know if you need any tips.


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