where I’ll be

What a summer of festivals!  Not the usual music festivals that people usually got to in the summer, but rather yarn festivals!  I feel like I haven’t really had a chance to stop and catch my breath.

Not that things are about to slow down, mind you, but I am taking a slight change of direction.  The Big News:  I quit my job!  I finished up two weeks ago.  It’s pretty exciting, although not quite as dramatic as it sounds, as I’ll keep doing freelance work in order to keep food on the table.  Nonetheless I have a little plan to spend more time doing yarning, and perhaps even a bit more blogging!

So where am I off to next?

First up is my first ever trip to Glasgow.  I seem to be going up to Scotland on a semi-regular basis these days (and almost always for woolly events), but somehow I’ve never been to Glasgow.  I’ve booked the trip to attend the In the Loop 4 Conference.  A three day academic conference about knitting?  Oh yes, count me in.  And a knitting event where I won’t be doing anything work-related?  Even better.  I can’t wait.

IamgoingIAfter a week in sunny Scotland, it’s then only a few days before the Yarn in the City Great London Yarn Crawl and Popup Marketplace.  Quite a mouthful, but an awful lot of fun!  I won’t be on the yarn crawl itself as I’ll be flogging my wares running a stall full of hand-dyed travelknitter yarn.  It’s being held on Saturday 5th September at the beautiful Chelsea Old Town Hall, and if you like yarny things, I’d highly recommend going along.


And then continuing the theme of rampant capitalism and self-promotion, I’ll be at the Hitchin Festiwool on 14th November selling my yarns.  This is the second year for Festiwool, and I had such a good time last year that I had to book again.  I found it to be such a friendly, relaxed event, with a really interesting mix of vendors.

Please do let me know if you’re heading along to any of these events too.  Would be great to catch up.



7 thoughts on “where I’ll be

  1. Didn’t fancy the yarn crawl (trying to get rid of the stuff!) but am going to Joeli’s Kitchen retreat in Manchester next year; thank you for passing it on. Have also come back from Tokyo, where your blog was really helpful in helping me track down shops. Again, thank you.


    • Hi Liz. Thanks so much for your comment! Really pleased that my own adventures could help yours 🙂 It’s been several years since my trip to Tokyo. Please let me know if you found anything else that I should know about. Looking forward to the retreat in Manchester. I expect I’ll be bringing a few cheeky skeins of yarn too 🙂


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