last week was wool week

… but I pretty much missed it.

Many of you will be aware of British Wool Week, which is part of the Campaign for Wool‘s promotion of wool and encouraging its use in a range of industries.  Every year there are various events around the country to mark the week, but unfortunately it has also coincided with a ridiculously busy period for me so I couldn’t participate in anything.

I did actually stop by Covent Garden to see the Woolly Golf, which was billed as “a golf course made entirely of wool with over-sized sheep obstacles”.  It sounded like good fun.  However it clearly wasn’t my lucky day, as it was closed (during its stated opening hours!) and this was all I got to see:

Harvey Nichols also had a giant ball of yarn on the front of their store, but it takes a lot for me to venture in to West London…

So, for those of you who saw more of Wool Week than I did, I’d love to hear about it.


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