alpaca love

I’ve spent the best part of the last six or seven weeks essentially housebound.  Unsurprisingly, I’ve been feeling pretty miserable, and desperately needed something to cheer me up.

And what’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me smile?


Last weekend my friend Tina encouraged me to get out of bed (thankyou!) and wen went to the open day that was held at Houghton Hall alpacas.  I’d found out about it through the Purl Alpacas blog, but it was mostly aimed at local breeders and farmers.  I wasn’t expecting to see dozens upon dozens of alpacas for sale!  It’s a good thing I only have a small hatchback car, otherwise a few would have come home with me.

Each alpaca is so incredibly different, and they certainly had their own unique personalities.  There were quite a few chatty ‘pacas who didn’t shut up the whole day!

Whilst the day was very much aimed at breeders, there were a couple of yarnies there, (including the lovely Alison from Yarnscape and Picperfic who had brought her spinning wheel) but I hadn’t intended to buy any yarn.  I did learn an interesting snippet though:  apparently alpaca yarn feels about 5 microns softer than wool.  So, 20 micron alpaca yarn will feel as soft as 15 micron wool.  Who knew?

I was absolutely shattered by the afternoon, but in terms of making me smile, the day was an absolute success.  I’ll leave you with a few photos to share the alpaca love.






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