lazy or busy?

A little while back, the WordPress Daily Post asked the question, “Are you too lazy or too busy?”  It’s clearly something I need to address, as the amount of spam I just cleared out is evidence of how long it’s been since I logged in to this poor little blog.

I’ve had a particularly crazy run of work/uni stuff, so in a sense I’ve been busy.  However it would be a great big fib to say that I couldn’t find the odd hour or so to put together a blog post, because I still manage to find the time to mooch around on Ravelry and whatnot in the evenings.  It’s rather more the case that my poor brain has been so full up with other stuff, there’s no space left to do anything that requires cognitive capacity, such as compiling a blog post.  So it’s not quite busyness, but not quite laziness either.  More like exhaustion, which has also reached the point where I haven’t been knitting, I haven’t been dyeing, so there’s also not much to blog about.

Of course, I’ve been so exhausted that immune system has now given up the ghost, and I’ve spent the past week looking rather like this:

from the hilarious Hyperbole and a Half

Well, I look like that except that I haven’t made it out of bed to even reach the couch for the past four days, but that’s a good goal to have for tomorrow methinks.  I’ve been ill now for so long that I’ve even run out of internet stuff to look at! (I am however very grateful for the large food shop that I did last week, but there’s not much left.  Not sure how to address that).

But I have good intentions, I fully visualise myself bouncing back (er, maybe next week) and carrying on with life as planned.  In the meantime though, if you wouldn’t mind sending me a new immune system in the post, or suggestions for internet sites to keep me amused, that would be great.


10 thoughts on “lazy or busy?

  1. 😦 i’m sorry to read you’re under the weather, i hope you get back to normal quicksharp!

    be sure to drink plenty of fluids (was i closer, I’d happily do your food shop for you).

    not got an immune system to spare (believe me when i tell you you don’t want mine!) but you can have all the hugs! take care of yourself, dear.


  2. I totally understand your reasons for not blogging — it does take a little bit of brain power that seems to elude many of us these days. And it’s not just brain power that’s elusive — so is time to knit!

    Sorry you’re sick, I hope you feel better soon!


  3. You’re sick again?! oh goodness.. that is REALLY unfortunate! just order some food in from TESCO or Sainsburys… as long as you’re there to open the door!


  4. How about stuff to listen to? Podcasts? Might count as even lazier than looking at the interwebs, or more productive – you could knit something while doing it. Try This American Life, The Moth, Snap Judgement, TED talks or Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service (if you missed it on a Sunday). As for blogs: – her Friday “Vintage tips, tutorials and links round-up’ always points me in a the direction of other interesting sites.


    • Good idea – I’d never even thought about podcasts. I had actually been reading penny dreadful anyway, particularly as I was mourning not being able to attend the vintage festival this weekend.


  5. Sorry you are ill hon…..I have been very unwell now, since 1998! Ran out of things to Google, so started a knitting business and designed stuff instead…otherwise would have remained working as a Sign Language communicator in Muswell Hill..


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