sort of FO

I finished my hat, but it’s too small.  Maybe.  Well, sort of.  It fits me fine in the sense that it fits my head, but it’s too small in the sense that there’s not quite enough slouch.  I’ve blocked it on a dinner plate…

but it’s still not quite right.  Close, but not quite.  I’ve been walking around the house with it on my head, peering in to mirrors at different angles, yarn ball in hand because I haven’t been confident enough to actually cast off and cut the yarn.  It’s hard to tell really if the problem is the hat or my head, because I really look rubbish in hats. I may be placing the blame where it doesn’t belong.

Nonetheless, it’s such a brilliant pattern and I’m in love with this yarn, so I think I’ll frog it and try again.  It deserves a second chance.


6 thoughts on “sort of FO

  1. I knit my first Rose Red twice. It wasn’t a problem with the fit, but with the bind-off. I bound off too tightly and then tried to rip just the band, but I kept going and going. So I went all the way and re-knit the whole thing. It was totally worth it. I’ve also made the pattern two more times since, seeing that it’s such an enjoyable and interesting knit, if I were you I’d make the effort.


  2. your sort of FO looks really nice:) i had the same problem with a slouchy hat…it ended up fitting the recipient as a beanie and still looked nice…but it def didn’t end up how it was supposed to. i think i used too small of a needle and of course…i didn’t do a gauge swatch:) i love the yarn you used:)


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