blog hub swap – day 1

Well, just as I was getting my parcel sent off, then one arrived in the post for me!  It turned up just as I was leaving for work, so I had to leave it and wait all day to get home and open it.  I raced in and ripped it open – a giant box from Stitch4Love with a letter including little hints about what awaits me in each individually wrapped treat.

The first little package was yarn; as Stitch4Love wrote, “let’s start with the good stuff!” and she definitely wasn’t wrong on that count:

Inside were two skeins of the softest, squishiest Louisa Harding Grace.  It’s one of those yarns that I’ve always coveted but for some reason could never justify buying!  The colour is amazing – it’s a perfect rich ruby red.  My all time favourite colour.  Love love love.

This has definitely been the most fun swap I’ve been a part of.  I love the idea of having seven separate parcels, and it’s been great following everyone’s posts about what they’ve received.

Blogging seven days’ worth of goodies is going to definitely challenge my blogging commitment this week!


7 thoughts on “blog hub swap – day 1

  1. I am so happy that you love them! I decided to plan a little adventure and visit a different LYS in search of the perfect yarn for you….when I walked in the door, yarn was everywhere and it was a bit disorganized…..however, these two skeins were inconspicuously hiding in a corner and they were the last ones, so I grabbed them! The deep color reminds me of red wine for some reason.

    Anyway, I was extra thrilled when you mentioned that you always wanted some Louisa Harding Grace…’s wonderful to get someone something they’ve always wanted….ENJOY!


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