where there’s yarn

Where there’s yarn, there will be knitters.  Possibly in their hundreds!

On Saturday my favourite London yarn shop Loop moved from its cute little location in Cross St, to larger-but-still-very-cute premises in Camden Passage.  And there was quite a launch party to celebrate!

For those not familiar with London, Camden Passage is a lovely shopping lane in Islington, full of beautiful boutiques, antiques stores, and open air spaces where stall holders sell vintage clothing and jewellery on the market days.  A perfect location for a yarn store.

I arrived just before the 11am launch, and this was the queue ahead of me:

I think the other nearby shop owners and passers-by were wondering where the celebrity rock star was!  There’s just no holding back the crowds of knitters when there are yarny goodie bags up for grabs.

We spent a verrrry long time in the queue but were very well looked after with delicious brownies, and Pimms later on.

Inside, the shop is just as gorgeous as I’d expected.  Everything is beautifully laid out (Susan definitely has the touch), and there’s even an upstairs section where the heavier weight yarns are to be found.

I took a few pictures (below), but you’ll note that I didn’t get any photos of yarn; that’s because there were hundreds of knitters in the way!  Seriously, the crowd was phenomenal.

The lovely Fridica got some great photos of the store at a quieter moment which you can see on her blog here.

I’m looking forward to visiting again when things are quieter, taking time to rummage through the yarns and having a little moment’s relaxation in one of the armchairs.  Lovely!


4 thoughts on “where there’s yarn

  1. I love your photos! I see there are a few details that caught both our eyes, though you snapped some that I didn’t even notice.. Now I have to go back to discover where they are! 😉


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