knitting retreat

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the past few days on a very fun knitting retreat in Puglia.  The retreat was held at the Masseria della Zingara, and we were taught by the fabulous Rowan designer, Jane Crowfoot.

I went there with very few expectations, other than a hope for sunshine, and a few days knitting in good company.  Well, I certainly got all of that in spades!  Jane was an absolutely amazing tutor, and was very patient with me, despite not having a specific design project to work on.  Anyone who can teach me the basics of both crochet and fair isle must be pretty good!

The property was undeniably gorgeous, and we were extremely lucky with the perfect spring weather.

Lunches and dinners were prepared with local (and sometimes rather unusual) produce, and the food was beautifully presented:

Being knitters, we ran around taking photos of gorgeous textures for inspiration:

And spent two evenings out exploring the nearby towns of Polignano a Mare and Alberobello:

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of all the knitting and crocheting that we did, but I’ll finish up with a snap I took whilst knitting poolside (a few hardier souls went swimming, but the water was a bit chilly for me)…there seem to be relatively few places that I haven’t yet knit!


6 thoughts on “knitting retreat

  1. “So what did you do this weekend?”

    “Oh, not much… learned to crochet and knit fair isle… in ITALY.”

    *It’s what dreams are made of!*


  2. I’ve just adopted the same colour as Jill! I want to go to Italy pretty much everyday, so knitting IN Italy – can it be much better?!
    Gorgeous photos, btw 🙂


  3. How exciting! I wish I’d known about the Rowan trip sooner! I love Puglia, especially having been born there! It seems you had an amazing visit!


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