a sunny weekend in London

I’ve done very little knitting this weekend, but that’s because I’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine.  It’s such a rare treat; it feels very odd to not be wearing a heavy winter coat (I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve left it behind on the train!).

On Saturday a few friends and I did a self-guided tour of John Nash‘s Grade 1 listed buildings around Regent’s Park.  We had a guidebook to help us out, but it failed to mention that the residents of many of these properties now employ security guards, so we were constantly under the watchful eyes of men in high-vis jackets.    Consequently, I laid pretty low with the photography.

Chester T. Errace. Possibly the largest street sign in London.

John Nash liked his columns...not bad for a block of apartments.

Having had my fill of well-to-do Regency London yesterday, I headed to the more familiar territory of the East London, and had a wander around the various Sunday markets.  Columbia Rd flower market was packed (as to be expected), so escaping from the flower-wielding crowds I popped in to the lovely Beyond Fabrics:

Moving along Columbia Rd there was a crowd gathering… this vintage car was getting a bit of attention so the owner decided to plonk himself down to stake his territory.

I wandered down Hanbury St… I love niche shops like this, and a ukelele store is always guaranteed to make me smile.

Just don’t try to catch a bus in Rivington St:

So, how did you make the most of the sunshine this weekend?


3 thoughts on “a sunny weekend in London

  1. I didn’t spend much time outside at all – and it was sunny here in Canada. but it looks like you had a WONDERFUL time outside!

    Tell me – do you have a tube pass, or do you buy per ticket?


    • For weekends I have a pre-paid electronic ‘Oyster’ card which works across all transport in London. No need to worry about how much transport I’ve used, as it’s capped at a daily rate. Perfect for aimless wandering!


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