knitting in style

I’m completely in love with London at the moment (maybe it’s the sunshine?) and I’m particularly enjoying making the most of all the wonderful creative things that are happening.

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday knitting with Beki in the surrounds of the Parlour.  It’s a cute little pop-up space in Clerkenwell, designed to be ‘a place to write letters, engage in good conversation, play games like cards, drink punch and enjoy soothing music’.

We had tea and scones, and caught a poetry reading.

They even have a gorgeous red chaise longue; I’m determined to have one myself when I grow up.

Beki and I have both been thinking about various arsenical cardigan designs (and she’s already started on hers), so the setting was perfect!  I wore my ‘It Cannot Fail to Please’ jumper, which was just the thing, but we were too busy knitting and scheming to actually get a photo.

The Parlour is only open until Wednesday, so pop on your favourite frock and stop by for a spot of old-fashioned relaxation.


4 thoughts on “knitting in style

  1. Why was it only open until Wednesday? it sounded like JUST the place for me… but i’m not moving over until September. Are there other great creative places in Londres?


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