beauty in white

Giant swathes of the UK were coated in a real dumping of snow yesterday.  The south-east of England was well-hit, but of course, fairly unable to cope.  The timing was great for kids, as thousands of schools closed a day early for the Christmas break.  Unlike our February snow day, Central London carried on with little fuss, while the counties surrounding London (including where I work) faced a proper snowfall.  Some of my colleagues stayed home, while the rest of us continued with our planned team Christmas lunch at a local pub:

The weather forecasters predicted further heavy snowfalls last night, but we seem to have escaped completely, and today was bright and sunny.  Always an opportunist, I put my washing out on the line, chuckling to myself as I crunched through the snow.

Snow makes winter completely worthwhile.


One thought on “beauty in white

  1. I thought that was a giant pair of knickers on your line at first glance – it may be something to do with the fact that I am about to book Tom Jones tickets!


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