LYS update

Well, it’s barely stopped raining for weeks, so no knitterly photos to post.  This seems like a good opportunity for a spot of tidying up, and so I updated the list of international / local yarn stores.

Sadly, there are two closures here in London.  Firstly, Socktopus.  Alice moved her Socktopus store a couple of months ago to combine with Stash in Putney.  Then yesterday it was announced that Stash itself is now closing down.  Sad news, especially for those in West London.  I believe that Alice will now be moving her attentions away from retail and focusing on other ventures such as the brilliant Knit Nation event, to be held in July 2010.

Knit Nation will comprise three full days of workshops and shopping; what more could a knitter want in a weekend?  Booking for the classes opened at 6am this morning (and yes I was awake to sign up) so while places are still available, I’d recommend you check out what’s on offer.

Another update to the London LYS list is the Handweaver’s Studio.  They’ve just moved to shiny new premises which I checked out over the weekend when I took part in a very fun dyeing workshop.  Definitely a store worth checking out, and if you’re not a weaver, the place is guaranteed to inspire you to take up a new fibre art.


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