happy happy raffle winners

What a great month it’s been, hearing from loads of lovely knitters, sending best wishes for the fundraising, and making donations to UNICEF.  So, today being the 1st of June, it was time to draw the winners.

I had no idea how exciting it would be to give away yarn (almost as exciting as being in with a chance of winning some, I expect!)  I’ve been so anxious to see who the winners would be.  I had such a horrendous day at work today, so I was pleased to come home and fire up the Random Number Generator.  Each entrant was allocated a number, in the order in which they donated.  Without any further ado, (because I know you’ve all just skipped ahead to the results anyway), the winners are:


Sarah (I don’t have your email address, so please get in touch!)



Congratulations to everyone who won yarn, and a massive, massive thank you to everyone who donated to UNICEF – I really do appreciate it.  Hmmm, I’ll have to get thinking about what yarny event to have next.


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