vintage inspiration

I know it’s been a bit quiet here over on my blog (even more so than usual), but since leaving my socks and knitting bag on the plane, I’ve barely knit a stitch.  I thought about pulling out one of my old WIPs, but nothing really inspired me.  I even spent an hour or so working on my Kusha Kusha scarf, but progress is so slow in cobweb weight yarn, I hardly found that inspiring either.

Last week I spent a few hours helping out at the wonderful A Stitch in Time stand at the Stitch and Craft show.  I had a great time getting all glammed up, parading around in sample garments from the book, wearing not only red lipstick but also with a fascinator in my hair.  I know – crazy huh?  It was alot of fun, and has inspired me to maybe even go out and buy some lippie myself.

Even though I’ve had this book for ages, I still hadn’t actually knit anything from it.  Every so often I pull it off the shelf and have a flick through, just imagining that I looked so glamorous, had styled hair, and led a life where I could wear a string of pearls and drink tea from a delicate china cup.

Maybe it was getting the chance to admire the knits all afternoon at the show, or maybe it was the dose of spring sunshine that we had last week (since disappeared), but I finally cast on for a new project.

It’s called It Cannot Fail to Please (Rav link) and it’s such a cute pattern.

Surprisingly for lace, I’ve actually really enjoyed knitting this pattern, and it’s been moving along fairly quickly (well, considering it’s knit on 3.25mm needles, anyway).  I was a bit worried about making a mess of the lace pattern, particularly as it isn’t charted, so put in a lifeline after one 24-row repeat, and carried on.  This afternoon I finished the next repeat without any problems, so ripped out the lifeline.  One problem – there’s a massive mistake that the lifeline was hiding.

There are a few errata in the pattern, so I checked the Ravelry page before starting, and thought all was OK.  I’m actually only the third person on Ravelry to knit this pattern, so I had to have faith.  At the end of the lace repeat however, there’s a mess-up that isn’t included in the errata page on Rav: there’s an extra row in there, and two rows numbered the same.  I thought that I solved the problem by comparing the pattern to the original 1930s version (handily included in the book), and scribbled out the extra row.  Except it now appears that I scribbled out the wrong row.  Today I discovered that there is now a massive purl ridge all the way across:

Damn.  Maybe I need to start knitting with super-fast chunky yarn; frogging would be so much less painful.


4 thoughts on “vintage inspiration

  1. The bit you’ve stitched looked even more amazing in real life. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Hey, are you going to post pics of you dressed up in A Stitch in Time garments from last weekend?


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