we’ll weather the weather

I was incredibly lucky with the weather for my time in Australia.  Two weeks, various different cities, and lots of sunshine and temperatures regularly hovering around 30 degrees.  Perfect.

Melbourne is still suffering from smoke haze due to the surrounding bushfires, and I’m sure that you’re aware of some of the various fundraising projects happening in the yarny world to raise money for the survivors of the Victorian fires.  I won’t say too much about the issue, as that’s a whole post in itself.  It was however quite amazing to be back in Melbourne to see the phenomenal public response, both locally and internationally.

I have now left the Australian summer, and at 6am this morning (that’s when Narita airport opens, folks, and we were the first plane to land) I arrived in Tokyo.  After a long journey in to Tokyo itself,  I got out of the train station to pouring rain, which of course I’m not prepared for, having packed for that two weeks of glorious Aussie sunshine.  I had figured it would be a bit cold in Tokyo, but somehow hoped that it would magically warm up when I got here.  So there I was, backpacker gaijin extraordinaire, cold, wet, and hungry, trudging along towards my hotel.  A woman on the street spotted me and started walking along beside me, sheltering me with her umbrella.   Of course I was highly skeptical, but it turns out she was just doing her good deed for the day, and she happily bid me farewell when I reached the hotel.  Crazy! I can’t believe she walked three blocks with a wet traveller just like that!  Is there anywhere else in the world where that would happen?  That’s definitely the sort of thing that makes me smile for a long time.

Just to add to my first morning of Tokyo craziness, it has now started snowing.  The staff at the cafe where I am currently trying to warm up advised me that it’s the first snow all winter.  Excellent.

I can’t check in to my room until 3pm, but am too cold and tired to go anywhere or do anything much, despite my massive to-do list.  If the weather doesn’t improve there might be more blogging than expected!


One thought on “we’ll weather the weather

  1. Coni-chiwa!!!
    Genki desu-ka? (how are you?)

    Glad you arrived into Tokyo safe and sound!
    here are a few words you might need:

    peko-peko (i’m hungry)
    Tabetaii (i want to eat)
    zen zen wakarimasen (don’t understand)
    watashi-wa (i am)
    tzukareta (tired)

    Have fun! and speak soon


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