to market, to market

Well, after listing a heap of crafty markets on my blog a few days ago, I managed to get to a sum total of one on Sunday!  I’d arranged to meet up with Woollystuff and Hoxton Handmade at the Made in Clerkenwell open studios.  What none of us realised was that it was spread across two separate buildings, on two separate roads.  We didn’t all choose the same building.  Oops!

While I was standing out in the cold wondering where on earth the others were, I took some pics of the building next door, which just happened to be St John’s Gate (built in 1504).  Randomly stumbling across 16th century buildings weill never cease to amaze me.

Once the three of us caught up, we spent a couple of hours wandering through the artists’ studios.  I managed not to buy anything, but I love catching a glimpse at where people create their work.

My shortlist for this coming Saturday:

Bust Craftacular

We Make London

We’ll see how I go this weekend with my craft shopping.


One thought on “to market, to market

  1. I didn’t know that that gate was so old! That is really cool – I love ancient buildings too. I swear next time we meet up, I will be aware of all possible locations – especially the main one!! 😉


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