i fibbed

I wasn’t going to cast on any more projects until my WIP collection is reduced.  I didn’t mean to fib, but it just sort of turned out that way.  The odds were stacked against me anyway, and then I went to the official launch of the brand new bricks-and-mortar Socktopus shop a couple of weeks ago.

There were knitters galore, including Yuvee, who I bumped in to at the bus stop on the way there.  We were guided in to the shop by street signs draped in handknit socks…

socktopus launch

and once inside were were surrounded by wall to wall yarn.  Arianna of Bittersweet Bakers supplied the most divine cupcakes, complete with white chocolate sock decorations:

I wasn’t feeling well so I only had one cupcake, but it was the most delicious Pumpkin Spice flavour, complete with cream cheese icing.  Yum.

So as a result of being surrounded by all this deliciousness and yarn-enabling knitters, this is what flew on to my needles:

The yarn is Handmaiden Camelspin, and it’s so gorgeous I can’t stop touching it.  In the skein it looks very silky (that would be the 70% silk content) but the fuzzy camel hair starts to appear once it’s knit up.  It forms the most delicate halo, the sort that tickles your nose like cotton wool.

I’m making the Here and There Cables scarf.  It seems completely counter-intuitive to knit a cable scarf when I’ve only got one skein of yarn, but over on Ravelry I saw the most stunning scarf by Kellym (Ravelry linnk),  and I knew that I had to give it a go myself.

I try to be good, I really do.  It just doesn’t always work.


4 thoughts on “i fibbed

  1. I wish Socktopus was closer to home. I would live there! I love London, and traveled there when my daughter spent a semester there. I wasn’t such an avid knitter then, so I didn’t seek out any of the shops, but I wish I could afford to go back……..


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