if it’s small, it’s cute

I think it must be some kind of universal law – simply make something in a mini-version, and it automatically takes on a massive dose of cuteness.  Just think puppies, baby rabbits, and baby anything really.

Case in point:  very simple baby booties, knit in yarn that I don’t even like.  (I forced myself to continue knitting them, as they’re part of a pressie for a workmate who is heading off on maternity leave on Friday, and I don’t have time to implement a back-up plan).

Anyway, once these were finished I couldn’t help but go all gooey, putting these tiny little booties on my fingers, making little ‘baby step’ gestures at every opportunity and waving them in front of my flatmate whenever we crossed paths.

We had snow last night (the first October snowfall in London since 1934 apparently) and the back yard still had a smattering of snow at 4pm this afternoon, so I took a quick picture:

Awwwww.  They’re so teeeny!  They may not be a great work of art, but they’ll keep baby’s toes warm.


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