place your bets please

We’re just about half way through Socktober.  Since I’ve only ever knitted two-and-a-half socks (luckily the two make a pair), I thought Socktober was a good opportunity to motivate myself to knit some more.

I chose my yarn, deliberated over a pattern, and cast on.  After a fortnight of intermittent progress, this is where I am up to:

a whole half a sock (I’m midway through turning the heel).  That’s only a quarter of the way through a pair. The yarn is Sundara Sock, and the grass stitch pattern is from Charade, but knit in my favourite toe-up method.  It’s a simple, easy pattern, but the dark colour of the yarn makes it very difficult to work on in the grey London evenings.

So with two weeks to go, what are the odds are of me actually knitting a full pair of socks for Socktober?  Do I have a hope in hell?  I’m not so sure.


2 thoughts on “place your bets please

  1. Well, I only just cast on for my second Socktober sock of the pair – so it’s likely that you won’t be the only one to not quite make it.

    Maybe if we cheer each other on enough we’ll squeeze over the deadline together.


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